You Are the Salt of the Earth

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“You are the salt of the earth.” – Jesus

Back in the days of Jesus and the ancients, salt was prized as one of the most valuable commodities.

Salt was used to preserve food, heal wounds, and also as a military weapon (you would salt the fields of your enemies, so their food could no longer grow).

Military men were paid a ‘salary’ (which is a salary, literally of salt). Apparently the word ‘sal’ means ‘salt.’

Anyways, to call someone the ‘salt of the earth’ is to show their value. In Jesus’ time — to call someone the ‘salt of the earth’ was like calling someone ‘the gold of the earth.’ Or perhaps in today’s world, ‘the gold bricks of the world.’

Salt gives us life. Human bodies couldn’t function without salt — all that electricity that pulsates through our bodies and our brains is driven by water and salt.

So never forget, how precious you are, and your gifts are.

You are also the light of the world. So never stop sharing that light with others.