Why Live?

eric kim street photography hanoi-0005665
Hanoi, 2017

Why wake up in the morning, and live our lives?

I had this thought when walking Cindy to her archive here in Hanoi.

At first, I thought about writing on how to live. But better yet— we should ask ourselves, why should we live?

Why do I live?

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Bac Ha, 2017

The basic answer for myself is that I live in order to help others. To serve others. To uplift, motivate, encourage, and empower others. I just need a little food and coffee to keep me alive. But the rest of my mental energy and resources are dedicated to creating information, or improving information, to help serve humanity.

To be human is to help other humans

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Hanoi, 2017

I think as human beings, we have the most purpose and direction in our life when we are helping others. This is what keeps us grounded and helps us wake up in the morning.

I know some people in their 90’s — and the reason they wake up is that they have a social goal, task, or job. They never retire. Even if they retire from their normal job, they end up volunteering at a local community center, are active at their local church, or perhaps start some new career.

Everyone has a different reason for living and waking up in the morning. Perhaps to work, perhaps to take care of their kids, or perhaps to seek inner-peace (in hope of helping others).


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Sapa, 2017

What compels you to live? What compels you to click the shutter? What compels you to be an artist? What compels you to take your work to the next level?

I also feel that a lot of us are seeking inner-growth. Because it helps motivate us. But ultimately, I think that all inner-growth and development should be directed towards helping the common good. To helping humanity. To living a life of service. To fulfilling our duty to others.

What is the purpose of your life?

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Sapa, 2017

So why do you live? Why do you set your alarm in the morning, roll out of bed, and have a coffee in the morning? What higher purpose do you feel you have in life?

There are no right or wrongs. But just meditate on this thought each day, and you will always have a reason to wake up.

Be strong,

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