Why I Blog

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Why do I blog?

I blog because it is fun. I blog because it is a chance for me to share my personal lessons, ideas, and life with others. I blog because it is the most effective form of communication/publication (I have discovered, so far).

I blog because I feel it is my purpose in life. I blog because I’m good at it (I can type 135 words per minute). I blog because if I don’t blog, I feel depressed. I blog because I learn better for myself, when I write about it.

I don’t consider myself, nor do I really consider myself as a blogger. I just see myself as a curious individual, who likes to share what he has learned.

I blog each day like it were my last. I don’t want to wait until I’m on my death bed. I want to share the life lessons I’ve learned so far. And I want to share what I’m currently working on, what I’m currently thinking; mostly imperfect things in-progress.

I know I will never be a perfect blogger. I type how I write, hopefully in a kind, friendly, conversational way. I have a lot of typos, and grammatical errors. I don’t mind so much. For the most part, I never edit my text after I’ve written them.

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I blog because it helps me flesh out my ideas. I blog because I best express myself through typing text.

I blog because I own this blogging platform; and I can’t get censored like I can get censored on social media.

I blog because it helps me bare my soul with others.

I blog because it helps build an international community of like-minded thinkers, readers, writers, bloggers, photographers, and passionate souls.

I blog because I feel there is a lack of useful information on the web. I blog about what I wish I could read.

I blog because it helps me become more courageous. To share my ideas, which might be controversial.

I blog for my future children. I blog, as if I were writing letters to my past self.

I blog as a way of fighting off boredom, sloth, and ennui.

I blog because I think I have a gift for blogging. I don’t want to waste my gift.

eric kim street photography - color - chroma-16-1

I blog because it is easier than writing books. I blog because it allows me to share imperfect works-in-progress. I love blogging, because no blog posts ever need to be perfect. I could never be an academic (like Cindy).

I blog, because I want to encourage more people to blog.

I blog for freedom, for ideas, and to empower others. I blog to create information for photographers that is actually useful. I blog because I believe that information should be open, free, and easily-accessible.

Why do I blog? For you.


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