When Are You *Not* Living?

eric kim new orleans
Photo by Neil Ta

Nobody knows how to live— but we know exactly how we shouldn’t live.

When are we most not living?

I think we are not living when we are being passive. When we are being entertained. When we are consuming.

Would you rather watch TV, or create your own shows?

Would you rather look at photos, or create your own photos?

Would you rather read books, or write your own books?

Take control of your life

Don’t seek passive entertainment. Rather, seek active creativity.

Seek to make stuff. Seek to learn. Seek to improve yourself, and to improve others.

That means to never give up. Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself.

Take risks, don’t fear failure. Experiment. Tinker. Try something outside of your comfort zone.

If today were your last day on earth, would you really waste your precious time checking social media, watching TV, Netflix, or doing something unproductive with your time?

The clock is ticking.

Don’t waste your talents. You have a great destiny ahead of you.


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