Dear Umma

Dear umma,

I want to write you this letter– thanking you for all the blessings, guidance, and love you have given in my life, and how you helped me become the man I am today:

You taught me everything I know

You taught me all the morals, virtues, and the love I have now.

You taught me the importance of opening up your heart to anybody you meet. You taught me to not judge people based on their appearances. You taught me how to trust others, with an open heart— without fear.

You taught me to follow my dreams. You kindled my inner-creative spirit when I was a child. You encouraged me. You helped me grow, and guided me along the path into becoming a man — just like guiding a young plant. You gave me support, strength, water, sunlight, air, and love.

I couldn’t have made it this far without you

You taught me to love those who cursed me. You taught me to forgive. You taught me to show mercy unto others.

You taught me to have faith in God, and to have faith in myself.

You taught me that I had an inner-light, and that I needed to share that light with others.

You taught me to have inner-confidence; and that I could be anybody I wanted to become, and that I was born for a greater destiny than myself— to uplift, help, encourage, and empower others.

I know you will always be with me

You’re always in my heart, and in my soul. Even when you pass away, your spirit will never die. You will always be part of me, guiding me like an angel. Helping me make the right decisions. Helping me to not fear the future.

Your legacy will live on forever

Thank you for overcoming all the obstacles you faced in life. All the hard nights you worked late. All those 12-hour work days. Those 7-day work weeks.

I know sometimes you feel guilty for not helping me more — but you truly gave me the best riches, the riches of the soul.

Even now, you inspire me to be generous with others. That will be your legacy, umma — your generosity and love for all.

I will continue to carry on your legacy umma. Today, tomorrow, and until the day I die.

Your ddengjinee

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땡진이가 이렇게 아름답게 엄마를 칭찬해 주어서 너무 고마워. 그리고 항상 엄마가 같이 있어 주지 못할때도 너를사랑해주고 돌보아 준 많은 분들이 오늘의 너를 만들어 주셨다. 특히 코치, 보이 스카웃 많은 분들, 교회 선생님들… 니가 많은 사랑을 받고 자라서 이젠 너의 사랑을 신디에게, 신디 가족에게도, 너의 웍샾 참석자에게도, 너 주위의 많은 사람들과 나누길 바란다. 상딘이 너무 훌륭한 어른이 되어서 엄마가 너무 행복하고 너가 자랑스러워. 고맙다 그리고 사랑한다. 아들 땡진아.

12 years Eric. I am so proud of you. Even I didn’t know you were going through hard life. As you look back yourself, I am looking back myself and give claps to myself and said that you did a good job and proud that you went through that dark tunnel. Now I am standing on the hill and appreciate the hard time to make me a mature people and understand others better. Now I can say I am a sucess because of you and Cindy and Anna. I thank you all time because you grow a great young man. Love you.