Revel in Your Defective Artistry

eric kim street photography - kodak tri-x 1600-1093

You’ll never be perfect.

And thats ok.

1. Forward progress

eric kim street photography - kodak tri-x 1600-1089

We are all born defective, and we will die defective.

We will never be world class artists. Our photography will always be lacking in one way or another.

But isn’t that okay? Isn’t it enough for you to make some forward progress, day by day?

2. Don’t fear imperfection

cindy project eric kim black and white

When we learn to revel, appreciate, and love our own imperfections, then can we truly live. Then we have no fear of putting imperfect art out there.

Each new day is a step forward. Each new image we publish is a step forward. Perfection doesn’t exist, but forward progress does.

3. Make art for yourself

eric kim photography sapa-2017-0006794

So friend, know that we are broken artists, and will never be perfect. And that’s fine.

Just shoot, have fun, and enjoy yourself. Upload and share photos that bring you delight. Don’t expect a bunch of likes, nor should you expect to gain some sort of acclaim for your art.

Create art for yourself, and please yourself. And try to please 1 other. This way you will never lose motivation. Because, you’re being true to yourself.


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