Make Photos for the Sake of Making Photos

eric kim photography hanoi abstract

Dear friend,

I was walking on the streets of Hanoi today, and I was wondering: What is the point of photography?

1. Photography for photography’s sake

eric kim photography hanoi abstract

I think the answer is this: we should seek to make photos for the sake of making photos. Nothing else.

What I mean by that is this: we shouldn’t make photos as a means of trying to create “art” that will get lots of likes, social media followers, fame, money, and power. Rather, we should make photos because it fulfills something in our soul.

For me, making photos brings me delight. I see the world better. I don’t take living for granted with camera-in-hand. Because photography renders even the most ordinary and mundane things into beautiful things.

2. Finding more personal meaning in life with photography

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For me, photography is a way of finding more meaning in the world. Of finding more appreciation in the world.

Therefore, think of photography for photography sake — very much like the concept of ‘art for art’s sake.’

That means, the reward of making a photograph is the opportunity to make a photograph.

And you can do this with any camera.

You can do this with your point and shoot camera, your smartphone camera, your DSLR, or any other camera you might own.

3. Compose your own reality

eric kim photography hanoi abstract

The most important thing about making a photograph is to be aware of the world around you. To frame a scene, which brings visual harmony to your eyes. That is where good composition comes in — to find order in the disorder of reality.

4. Make photos that bring you joy

eric kim photography hanoi abstract

At the end of the day, you should make photos that bring you joy and happiness. If it pleases others, that is a plus. But not necessary.

5. Share the photos that bring you joy

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That means, make photos which you think are good. And only share, publish, or upload photos which you think are good. Don’t expect to get any likes or comments on your photos. Rather, share your photos because they bring you joy. And if you happen to find one other photographer (or human being) who finds joy in your photos, you’ve done your job as a photographer.


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