How to Invest in Yourself

cindy project v berkeley
Berkeley, 2015 #cindyproject

You are the most important person to invest in.

Don’t invest too much time to social media networks. Don’t spend too much money investing in the stock market or real estate. Don’t invest in others.

Invest in yourself. It is the ultimate investment, that can pay back 100x returns.

How do you invest in yourself? Some ideas:

  1. Build your own business: Use all your spare money and capital to build up your own business. Work towards becoming your own boss, and gaining true liberty, and freedom of time, and freedom of your attention.
  2. Pay off your debt: As long as you’re in debt, you are a slave to the banks, and your traditional job. Once you have taken off the chains of debt, you can take more risks in life — to follow your dreams, and what you truly want to do.
  3. Invest time in yourself: If you are stuck at a 9-5 job, invest all your spare time only to yourself. Invest time in your creative projects, your photography, reading books, writing, or any other creative leisure. Don’t let anyone steal your time and attention.
  4. Learn: Never stop learning. Learn from books, YouTube, podcasts, or your life experiences. Learn by talking with others, asking others questions, and by reflecting. Meditate, journal, and blog. Keep improving your mind, and expanding your horizons.
  5. Spend money on experiences: Some of the best learning lessons for myself is when I spent my spare money on experiences. When I spent my money on traveling, books (I consider reading to be more of an experience), and my personal education. Don’t invest your money in buying a new camera, gadget, or tool — invest that money in self-education. It is always the best use of your money.

Don’t feel bad for being “greedy” for investing in yourself. Because if you invest in yourself, you will gain 100x returns. And then once you improve yourself, you can have more resources to help others.

By being greedy, you will become more generous.

Always invest in yourself,

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