How to Treat Everyday Like a Holiday

Family selfie / Seoul, 2017
Family Selfie / Seoul, 2017

Dear friend,

Why is it that we only celebrate on holidays and new years— and not on ’normal’ days?

Everyday is a holiday

For the new years, we use the chance to drop our bad habits, and pick up good habits.

On holidays, everyone is especially nice to one another.

On days of celebration, we are more grateful, spend more time with our friends and loved ones, and enjoy ourselves and life.

But why do we wait for special holidays to celebrate joy, gratitude, and love?

Shouldn’t we treat everyday like a holiday?

Everyday is precious

For me, I try to treat everyday the same. I try to treat each day as sacred, valuable, and priceless. Having this mentality helps me be grateful for each hour that I have. Not only that, but I don’t waste as much time on superfluous things.

I don’t think it is a waste of time to spend time with loved ones. I don’t think it is a waste of time to celebrate and proclaim our joy. I think it often a waste of time spending too much time ‘working.’

Now I don’t think each day we should just get drunk, and play games. What I do encourage is for us to ‘work’ on things which are meaningful to us— whether our creative work, whether putting more effort into loving our family members, or whether it means to work to help the community.

Don’t waste a single day

On the other hand, treat holidays like normal days. Even on my birthday, I didn’t change my routine much. I did have more of an urge to call back home, and chat with my loved ones. But I still did my creative work — writing, thinking, reading, meditating, and photographing. And I didn’t do anything super crazy, like get wasted, or blow all my money gambling.

I think the ultimate thing I’m trying to say is this: Treat each normal day like a holiday, and treat each day like a holiday.

This way, you will never be short of time, gratitude, and honorable industry.