2016 Reflections

tokyo eric kim street photography-0000789
Japan, 2016

Dear friend,

I want to use this opportunity to reflect on 2016— and share some of my personal experiences this year, my learning points, and my joys:


My 2016 schedule looked something like this:

One of the things that I am happy about is this — I planned on traveling less in 2016, and spending more time at home. And it was wonderful — I helped Cindy pass her oral examinations for her Ph.D., Cindy and I moved out of Berkeley, and of course (the best part of the year), we got married.

I’ve been reflecting a lot in terms of what “home” means to me (now that I’m living abroad in Hanoi). For me, home is Cindy. Home is my friends, loved ones, and anywhere I am.

I see ‘home’ less of a place, and more of a state of mind. I’m also incredibly blessed that in order to work, all I need is (lots of) coffee and a wifi connection. Hanoi checks all the dots.

eBooks published

As you know, my passion is “open source” information. Here are some eBooks I published in 2016:

  1. 100 Lessons From the Masters of Street Photography
  2. Zen Photography
  3. Photography by Eric Kim
  4. Street Photography by Eric Kim
  5. Personal Photography Manual
  6. Street Photography Contact Sheets Volume II
  7. Contact Sheets Volume I
  8. Street Photography 101
  9. Street Photography 102
  10. Color Manual
  11. Monochrome Manual

Printed Books

Cindy and I have been hard at work printing new photography handbooks. Street Notes and Photo Journal are labors of our love for you:

My Favorite Articles

Below are my favorite articles from 2016:

  1. Free Photography Bootcamp
  2. 70 Street Photography Tips
  3. 15 Street Photography Techniques
  4. 100 Photography Tips for Beginners
  5. How to Do What You Love for a Living
  6. How to Conquer Your Fears in Life
  7. How to Be a Zen Street Photographer
  8. How to Be a Stoic Street Photographer
  9. How to Use Photography as Self-Therapy
  10. How to Become a Photography Entrepreneur

Photography guides

If you want more in-depth guides, I’ve been hard at work compiling these comprehensive guides for you: