Inspirational Japanese Woodblock Printing

I’ve been very inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock printing — strong graphics, clean lines, with soul:

Vincent Van Gogh and Japanese Woodblock Prints

Apparently Van Gogh was deeply inspired by Japanese woodblock printing. He inspired the surrealists:

Some Van Gogh quotes on these Japanese woodblock prints:

My studio’s tolerable because I’ve pinned Japanese prints on the walls. Female figures in gardens, horsemen, gnarled thorn branches. – Van Gogh

We wouldn’t be able to study Japanese art without becoming much happier and more cheerful, and it makes us return to nature – Van Gogh

Also, Frank Lloyd Wright collected hundreds of colored Japanese woodblock prints as inspiration.

Know that with art; there are no limits. Find inspiration everywhere.

I found all these images on Wikipedia for Japanese Woodblock Prints.


Cindy A. Nguyen on Henri Oger

cindy a nguyen henri ogercindy a nguyen henri oger woodlbock prints1

Cindy also worked on a project, which got me into woodblock printing. It was based on a French historian named ‘Henri Oger.’ Imagine, street photography via woodblock prints:

cindy a nguyen henri oger woodlbock prints1

cindy a nguyen henri oger woodlbock prints1

See her introduction to the project, to see how you can combine photography with woodblock printing: INTRO TO THE HENRI OGER PROJECT: ‘ON READING A PERIPHERAL TEXT’

The City of Angels

Also Cindy made her own linoleum ‘woodblock’ prints, for our ‘City of Angels‘ project.