Can People Weaker than You Hurt You?

eric kim street photography kyoto-0001189
Kyoto, 2016

Dear friend,

If you’re a diamond, you can only be cut by other diamonds — aka, materials that are as strong as you (if not stronger than you).

In life, many will try to hurt and harm you. But realize, you are the strongest material — you are made out of diamond. Can little wooden arrows pierce your diamond armor? Not even steel can penetrate diamonds.

Realize, whenever you feel pain, it is always your interpretation of the event, not the event itself.

When people insult you, you are only hurt if you let yourself be hurt. If you take away your opinion of how others treat you, you won’t feel pain.

Never forget— only people who are stronger than you can hurt you. Realize, nobody is stronger than you. They are all weaklings compared to your strength.

And when you’re on the highest mountain peaks, overlooking the clouds, can little ants harm you?

If you’re a cliff, can the crashing waves cause you to break apart?

Always be strong,

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