The Beginning is the End

eric kim street photography kyoto-0001308

“The beginning is the end.” – Heraclitus

I started as a beginner photographer, gained experience, and now I’m going in reverse— trying to become a beginner photographer again.

I started photography with a digital point-and-shoot camera. Then I got more “experienced”, and wanted to invest in a fancy DSLR. I then upgraded to a digital Leica. I then played around with a bunch of film cameras. And now I am back with digital point-and-shoot camera.

I started photography without using social media. I made photographs for myself. I then got caught up in the “social media treadmill” of wanting more likes, comments, and followers. Now I’m slowly weening off social media — just like I started.

I used to not think when I started photography. I just looked at what I found interesting, and photographed. I didn’t really worry too much about composition, framing, or anything else. Then I learned photography theory, and started to over-analyze my photography. Now I’m shooting from the gut again, not worrying too much about composition.

Isn’t it funny how things in life go full-circle?

You started a beginner, and you’re probably more of an expert now. Seek to unlearn what you’ve learned in the past, and re-gain that child-like innocence when you started photography. Unlearn your photography theory, ideas, and concepts— and become a beginner again.

The end is the beginning. And the beginning is the end.


Random Stoic thought: When we were born as babies, we were born without cares, stress, or concerns. When we die, we should also die like we were born— without cares, stress, or concerns.

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