Shoot different.

Kyoto, 2016
Kyoto, 2016

Why shoot like everyone else, when you are a unique, idiosyncratic individual, with unique life experiences, different from everyone else?

The world wants you to be vanilla. The world doesn’t want you to stand out. The world wants to keep you in a box. The world doesn’t want you to rebel.

Why follow the masses of other photographers, and just photograph how they photograph? Why just shoot boring landscapes, pretty flowers, and cliche images, that aren’t true to who you are?

Shoot different.

What do you find interesting?

You should only photograph what you find interesting, unique, and meaningful. You shouldn’t photograph how other people are photographing.

Follow your own heart, your intuition, and your own gut.

Who are you?

Don’t be different for the sake of being different. Just be you.

Shoot who you are, and ignore everybody else.


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