Own Nothing

eric kim cindy project hanoi-0002173
Hanoi, 2016 #cindyproject

“To own nothing is the beginning of happiness” – Diogenes

Freedom is owning nothing.

Not having anything to worry about.

The more things you own, the more things you need to maintain, and stress out about.

Everything is on loan

Of course I “own” a lot of things. But a mental trick I try to do — imagine like I just have it on loan. This way, I don’t get attached to it.

Not only that, but I don’t even own my own life. I treat my life on loan. While I have my life on this short-term loan, I need to spend every minute trying to help empower others.

And ultimately, the only thing we own is our own mind, our opinions, and our personal ethics.

So learn to slightly detach yourself a little bit, every single day. Don’t become overly attached to your possessions, your home, your friends, family, children, or your own life. Because one day you will lose them.

Death awaits us all. Let us gratefully use our life to the best extent we can serving others, and return our life with gratitude when our term is up.


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