Living a Good Life is More Important Than Photography

eric kim photography hanoi-0003882
My Mom / Hanoi, 2017

I was reading Horace’s advice to his friend on poetry, and he said that we should focus on knowing how to order our lives correctly, instead of being overly-obsessed with how to order our verses.

We can apply this in many ways.

For example, let us not get too obsessed about photography. The point of photography isn’t to make good photos, or to be a good photographer. The point of photography is to live a good life.

I once heard that to become a better photographer, live a happier and better life. Then our photos will naturally improve.

Live a better life

I think for me, I endeavor to become a better human being, not a better photographer.

For me, photography helps me break out of my shell and cocoon. I strive to make connections through my photography with strangers I meet in the streets, through the workshops I teach, and through these words I share on this blog.

So don’t worry whether your photos are any good or not. Just ask yourself: “Am I living a happy, uplifted, and spirited life or not?”

Make your photography a tool to empower yourself in life. To appreciate the beauty in everyday life. To treat each day like it were your last, and to suck the marrow out of life.


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