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We currently live in Elysium — the heaven on earth.

1. We are privileged

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Think about it. If you are a Westerner, from Europe, from America, or much of the developed world, you are living in heaven.

You have no more Bubonic Plague to kill you as a child. Most diseases are cured, besides AIDS, and things like cancer.

You have enough to feed yourself. You will not starve to death.

You won’t freeze to death. You have no fear of being killed by the neighboring tribe. You won’t die of thirst in the desert.

2. We have all the tools

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We have wifi. We have smartphones. We have cars. We have digital technology, and the internet.

We have access to infinite petabytes of data. We can learn anything we want to, with the touch of our fingers.

We have good public schools, that teach us the fundamentals of language.

We live in society with our fellow human beings. We have brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, and other people we can give our love to— and be loved back in return.

3. Gatekeepers don’t exist anymore

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There are no more gatekeepers. If your dream is to pursue your passion for a living, with the internet you can make it possible. Upload your film on YouTube. Share your writing on a blog. Share your ideas on social media. Share your photos on Instagram.

You have coffee, and access to spices that even kings from 100 years ago didn’t have access to.

4. We are dying of thirst

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Yet, we kind of live in a hell.

A hell of materialism, consumerism, and dissatisfaction. Wanting more.

It is like Sisyphus— forced by Zeus to roll the heavy stone uphill for the rest of eternity — only to have the stone roll back on us.

Or we are dying of thirst, yet whenever we try to drink the water, it recedes from us. We are hungry, yet whenever we try to take a bite of the fruit— the apple tree draws away from us.

We try to fill our bank accounts with more dollars, more zeroes, and more commas. Yet, it is never enough. It is like trying to fill our jugs with milk, yet our jug has holes in it.

5. Why don’t we believe in ourselves?

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We are trying to find wisdom in a bottle of Vodka. We are trying to find love through a digital screen. We are trying to find meaning in life through the end of a blunt.

We have great dreams, great passions, and ideas in life. Yet, we are scared. We are beaten down to submission by our parents, our teachers, our bosses, and the entire society. Nobody believes in us.

We want to start our own companies, yet everyone tells us why it will fail.

We want to do something ridiculous and awesome, yet everyone tells us that we aren’t being practical.

We are afraid of being judged, of failing, and of disappointing others— and of ourselves.

6. Take the first step

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But I say, disregard all of that. No more negativity. No more living in the past. No more excuses.

Let us just do it.

Just fucking do it.

Whatever we want that doesn’t hurt anybody else— let us do something virtuous, wholesome, and helpful to others.

Let us pour our hearts and souls into the words that we write. Let us capture emotions, souls, and beautiful fleeting moments in our viewfinders. Let us dance with our bodies, like we were writing cursive with a pen.

Let us disregard what the rest of the world thinks of us. Let us dance, love, and be merry.

Let us seek to be more creative, more artistic, and child-like everyday.

Let us take a forward step to fulfilling our dreams.

7. How to make your dreams come true

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Do we want to be a full-time photographer? Let us text a friend who is getting married, and offer to shoot their wedding for free. To make our portfolio. Make your own website via bluehost.com and use wordpress.org. Pay for the ‘genesis’ theme, and announce that you are accepting new clients.

If you want to be a novelist, write your chapter, and publish it to your blog or social media page. Build up a following, that will become hungry for the next chapter.

If you want to become a full-time ‘YouTuber’ — just make a YouTube page, and start recording on your smartphone or your webcam, and start uploading videos. Just publish one video a day, for a year. See where it takes you.

Your dream to be a full-time blogger? Start blogging. Everyday. Several times a day. A lot of bloggers fail trying to blog everyday. I say fuck that, take it to the next level. Try to publish 3 blog posts a day. They don’t need to be great. But just get in the practice of publishing, and not having feared of being negatively judged. And turn off your statistics, your success cannot be measured in page views.

8. If you care, share

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Keep sharing your beautiful ideas. With others. Don’t be afraid of being judged. It is better to be judged than to be ignored (Seth Godin).

If you were camping, and you had a flashlight, and your friend was wandering around in darkness, wouldn’t you share your light with your friend?

That flashlight is your gift. Your passion. The reason you were put on earth.

Don’t delay. Share your light today.

Be strong,

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