Fountainhead Notes

Fountain Head

Victor Hugo: If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away.

dojnt live; think, or write on the range of the moment.
dont let things fade rapidly like magazines.
longevity is the place of romanticism.
Romanticism: conceptual school of art. not with random trivia, but with timeless, fundamental, universal problems and values of human existence.
dont just record or hotograph; it creates and projects (into the future)
concerned not with things as they are, but with things as they might be ought (aristotle)
consider my time and my relevance of upmost crucial importance!

And for the benefit of those who consider relevance to one’s own time as of crucial importance, I will add, in regard to our age, that never has there been a time when men have so desperately needed a projection of things as they ought to be.

write things that ought to live!


a spirit needs fuel; it can run dry.

‘you’re casting pearls without getting even a pork chop in return’

last 25 years; have I changed? no — I’m the same, only more so

have my ideas changed? no; my fundamental convictions have never changed — but knowledge of applications have grown in scope and precision.

How can I keep consistent ideas my entire life?

proud of my writing.

this is the motive and purpose of my writing; the projection of an ideal man.

I write and read for the sake of the story.

would i want to see these people in real life?

is this story an experience worth living through for its own sake?

rational code of ethics?

dedication to values; the highest and best ideals!




the noble soul has reverence for itself. – Nietzsche (beyond good and evil)

noble soul: revere my own soul.

‘this view of man has rarely been expressed in human history; today its is virtually non-existent’

sense that my life is important; and great achievements are within my capacity— and great things lie ahead!

don’t lose self-esteem.

see a vision of my nature, and my life potential!

spirit of youth, proclaim glory of man, and showing how much is possible!

never betray your own soul.