You’re living in that 21st century,
futuristic fly shit

You got a NASA computer in your back pocket

You can do anything
as long as you put your mind to it

You have all that POWER;
don’t waste your hours.

Sometimes life will rope-a-dope you,
But stick to your dreams, like superglue

eric kim street photography - color - chroma-3

Be like a Picasso Baby and paint your own reality,
Because anything you dream; you can make it be.

eric kim photography-0009299

Fuck what others think of you;
Just do you, and share your flowers.

Photograph your own reality
Anything is interesting enough,
as long as you put your heart in it.


Fuck an aperture and shutter speed,
Just shoot whatever and let your soul breathe

Don’t care about the likes,
as long as your photos remove the strife
from your life.

eric kim photography hanoi-0007367

Make photos to uplift your soul,
And make yourself smile.

Live a beautiful life.