Economy of Movement

Eric kim hanoi street photography
Hanoi, 2017

One of the best tips I have when it comes to traveling and photography is this: move as little as you can.

Have an economy of movement.

For example, when you’re traveling, I recommend spending more time in fewer places.

If you’re in a foreign city, choose one neighborhood to explore for the entire week, and get to know it well– instead of trying to see all the different neighborhoods in the city.

Another practical tip: reduce commuting and travel time.

For example, if you’re traveling across a foreign country, it will often take half a day (or an entire day) just moving from one city to another. If your traveling time is limited, why waste your precious time commuting?

So the next time you plan on traveling and doing photography, just choose one neighborhood you really like, and spend your entire time there. Get to know the locals, visit the same cafes and restaurants. Learn the subtleties of the local culture. And perhaps the next time you travel, choose a different neighborhood.

Or if you plan on backpacking across an entire country, choose fewer cities to visit. You will be less tired, less exhausted, and have more time and money. And you will probably make better photos, because you will take fewer touristy snapshots of local landmarks, and more unique photos of everyday life.

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