Dear Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Imagine like I’m writing you this letter from the grave.

We lived a really wonderful life together. I made you yummy bacon, eggs, mandoo and coffee each morning. I liked helping you wake up in the morning, holding your hand, dodging Hanoi traffic, enjoying the wide streets, taking your laptop and charger out of my backpack, and waving you goodbye to the archive, when I send you a “You’re the BEST” message on Kakao.

I do some work at the cafe, and have some nice coffee. We meet up, chat, and do more creative work together — of course, with more coffee.

You’re the best.

I want to let you know that all the great things I’ve accomplished in my life were because of you. Not only that, but know that your gift is truly empowering others. You are the kindling wood, that helps spark the fire in others. You sparked the fire in me. You helped fulfill my personal maximum. And you push me, to take my art, creativity, and life to the next level.

I also want to let you know that no matter what, I’ll always be with you. In your heart. In your soul.

If you really believe us to be soul-mates, realize that we are now one flesh.

When you miss me, remember all our pillow talks, the tranquil walks, and our adventures. Our dinners on the patio in Marseille, our wine and cheese parties at UCLA, the Indian meals in Hanoi with our friends, and our family trips in Portugal, Seoul, Tokyo, and Kyoto, the all you can eat Korean BBQ at Flower Pig, the espressos (and almond milk cappuccinos), our friends from all over the world, and the amazing ramen in Japan!

Treat each day as a full life. Enjoy the beautiful joys of your garden, of your family, close friends, our butcher friends, and our barista friends. You will always have people sharing their life and love with you.

And know; you are now (and will always) be my wife and my life.

I also want you to be happy, live life to your fullest, and to never doubt yourself. And always find love in anybody, and in everybody.

I also want you to find a new husband to help you tend your future garden. Know that I’ll always be with you in heart, soul, and spirit — guiding each step in your journey in life.