eric kim american flag

Close your eyes and imagine,
what you are capable of.

You work tight
like an ivory glove

Put your hot ideas into the stove
let that shit bake
let it grow.

If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

Close your eyes and imagine
you in 20 years

Do you see yourself happy,
sipping beer
on the beach?

Do you see yourself stuck in a cubicle,
weak and meek?

Impossible takes a week. Difficult takes a day,
Keep hustling baby, take your cares away.

Don’t be a slave
to time

Throw off your golden handcuffs,
and press rewind.

Every day is a line in your life’s poem

Make your life dope
Even when your back is against the ropes

Never give up hope

Trust that things will go the right way,
Even though things may sway and wander

Throw away your dirty laundry,
look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself
“Why can’t it be?”

You can do anything you want in this world
You got this shit
My beautiful pearl.

Be strong,