Cindy Poems

Those coral lips I kiss
Pure bliss.

Together; we’ll move boulders

As we get older
and nights get colder,
and times get shorter,

Together; we’ll move boulders.

Honeydew eyes,
I follow you
Into the depths of the turqoise-blue.

Eternal sunshine
My soul and my muse
I wake up in the morning and spring blooms.

Your mind is divine, sweet and sublime
Let’s turn back the wings of time.

Walking with you by the shores of the sea
Feeling the warm breeze
Let’s sing, dance, eat more wine and cheese
Breathe in the new day; apply the new glaze.

Breathing through the smog and the haze
Let us praise
Each day as if it were our last
Sailing together, hands holding the mast.

You are my muse
The one I choose
To guide me with your light.

The might of your pen,
Helps renew me creatively, again.

Thank you for being my light,
My beautiful delight.

You are my only one,
Just like the rising sun

Let’s imagine like our life was done,
Then turn back the clock and press re-rerun.

You’re my perfect pearl,
My heart’s delight,
and my entire soul.

Auburn hair
To you I swear
To always be there

For you,
Through the changing hues.
The crimson red and the blue

Always, for you.