How to Think Critically

Critical, kritikos, means to judge.

To think critically means to wisely judge things, whether you deem it fit or not.

Or, judge it as being profitable or not, or advantageous or not.

Steering clear of foolishness?

There is no such thing as good or bad, or evil. To me it all comes down to wise or foolish.

What is foolish, foolishness, foolish behavior? Typically things which can cause permanent bodily mutilation, or a traumatic death. Driving fast, racing, texting while driving, drinking while driving or being high while driving etc.

What is the point of thinking?

A life of pure theory divorced from action seems a bit flaccid. I believe that your thoughts should also be in accordance with your actions.

For example, my thoughts or philosophies on fitness and weightlifting; I actually apply it to my own approach, and my thoughts and thinking often come to me after much experimentation.

Action first, thoughts later.