Creative Thriving

Some thoughts on creative thriving:

First and foremost, it is my insanely ambitious and audacious goal in life to enable the creative thriving of every single human being on planet earth. All 7+ billion of us.

The super super basic thought is just put an iPad in the hands of every single human being. Certainly there will be lots of people who squander its potential, yet, if used intelligently, you can unlock wonders.

For example, the Procreate app, Zen Brush for calligraphy, and also all of these abilities to create using voice dictation, writing without this nonsensical keyboard, which I feel like was a very disingenuous move from Apple. It was the ambition of Steve Jobs for the iPad to never have either a stylus or a keyboard; it was only after the death of Steve Jobs when these sneaky executives like Tim Cook approved it.

It is all good

Photo, video, audio, music, podcast, video podcasts— there are a trillion opportunities for you. There is really no good or bad way to do it; to simply create it is the goal.

Also the simple solution is to just create a public forward facing website using Amazon web services and Lightsail to host your WordPress instance. Also the great thing, starting off it is totally free!

I think the great thing about free is that it unlocks opportunity. Even a 99 cent entry will close off a lot of people.

Travel, being somewhere else?

I think also another big thing is traveling, and being somewhere else which is not “home“.

Why travel?

Even a simple super simple thing of transitioning to an airport, seeing the airport, and all the dynamic activity around it is insanely creatively stimulating for us.

Another thought is great cinema and film; I personally rate John Wick 4 as a perfect 10 or 10, maybe even a 12 out of 10.

Why? To me a great film inspires you, motivates you to keep traveling, seeing the world, and creating art. Even seeing the scene of the Osaka intercontinental hotel was so inspiring to me, it makes me want to go back to Japan. Also the pride of knowing that me and Cindy actually did spend some time living abroad in Osaka as well. Osaka photos >

Digital is the way

I am the first photographer who said that digital is actually superior than film, and actually means it.

Photographers lack self-esteem. Why? Poor physiological health, not enough time outdoors, too much time on social media etc. Low self-esteem as a photographer is the enemy.

Also, I don’t know a single photographer who could lift over 960 pounds.

Creating new approaches for yourself

Also I think it is a good idea to innovate for yourself and by yourself. To get rid of traditional notions of “success“, and instead, seeking to create new models of success for yourself.

For example for myself, my new definition of success as a photographer is to simply stay motivated to keep making photos. The second you lose motivation to make photos, consider yourself dead.

What is “creativity”?

Creativity — the propensity to create.

If you derive your primary joy in life from creating, you are a “creative“ person.

Becoming more “creative”?

Then it seems that our goal is to become more creative. How does one become more creative? Some thoughts:

1. First and foremost, think and create like a child.

For example, child’s mind is the most pure. Even Seneca at two years and four months old, she creates without hesitation, no self doubt etc.

Also what is very fascinating about Seneca as a photographer is that he loves to shoot photos, but he doesn’t really care to see them. Perhaps it is the joy of the shooting which he loves the most.

2. Second, steal inspiration from anywhere.

It doesn’t matter where you steal from, as long as it inspires you it is good.

Third, know that even the most “low brow“ places can be the sources of the richest inspiration. For example, I am 1 trillion times more inspired by John Wick than any other film at there combined. Even a fun fact, apparently in the whole film, John Wick only says 200 words. That is gangsta.

Unlock your hidden creative genius


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Now what?

  1. Make your own photography portfolio website, and share all of your works in progress. Build it with, and just blog it.
  2. If you want critical and honest feedback on your photos, upload it to
  3. Don’t put yourself in any narrow category as a photographer or creative person. Just think of yourself like a big kid with crayons.

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