Tomorrow We’ll Sail the Wide Seas Again

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“Tomorrow we’ll sail the wide seas again.” – Horace

I see life as a journey.

Along this journey of life, we face storms, uncertainty, pirates, and attacks.

No matter how skillful we are as a captain of a ship, we cannot control the weather. We cannot control the wind. We cannot control external factors.

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Yet, we have the power to steer our ship. We have the power to steer it in the direction we wish. But it isn’t in our power whether our journey or final destination will be successful.

I know whenever I feel battered down, depressed, or lost— I go back to harbor, and moor my ship. I patch up the holes in my hull, and this time — make it stronger. Rather than just having a wooden hull of the ship, I strengthen it with bronze and steel.

And then, I get ready to sail the seas again.

Always stay strong,


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