Twenty nine years ago
You came into this world.

A round plump pumpkin
of innocence and curiosity.

A decade later,
you followed your heart
to love, laugh, and support
your family through the darkest of times.
You brought new meaning to the words son and brother.
Sanginee and Sergeant Stinkers.

Another decade passes,
you put yourself out there
to learn and to discover.
You braved criticism and the winds of uncertainty,
to do what you believed in.

And now,
you have found a greater purpose
to learn and to share
knowledge, wisdom, and truth.

But who would have known,
that just a few weeks after you came into this world,
there would be another round plump pumpkin.

Who, in a decade,
played, read, and imagined
another world far far away,
full of daring adventures, quiet contemplation, and unbounded love.

Who, in another decade,
would meet that other pumpkin,
who brought that fantasy into reality.

And now,
those two pumpkins, you and I,
have double pumpkin power.

How many more moments of
love, friendship, and laughter?
Let us cherish the tranquil cafes, pleasant walks, and pillow talks.
For what adventure lies ahead?

Jan 31, 2017 / Hanoi – Cindy Nguyen