25 Photography New Year’s Resolutions

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As each year comes to an end, there is the hope for a new year.

What will you do different in your photography next year? What will you start doing, and what will you stop doing?

Photography resolutions

To start off, I think the best way to build new habits in your photography isn’t what to do, but rather— what not to do.

Of course, you still need action in your life — so I have also included things to do in your photography.

Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Never leave the house without having your camera with you (around your neck, in your backpack, or camera bag, etc)
  2. Never hesitate taking a photo you want to take
  3. Don’t upload as many photos to social media
  4. Spend less time on social media
  5. Stop doubting yourself and your photography
  6. Stop comparing yourself on social media to other photographers
  7. Don’t buy any new cameras for lenses for a year
  8. Don’t photograph others; photograph yourself
  9. Stop looking at camera review websites, blogs, or sites
  10. Think less about traveling and taking photos; rather, photograph closer to home
  11. Don’t shoot with your “real” camera— try to focus on shooting with your smartphone instead
  12. Don’t buy any photo books you don’t plan on re-reading
  13. Don’t think too much before taking photos
  14. Don’t upload photos to social media (the same day you shot it) — rather, try to let your photos ‘marinate
  15. Don’t take photos when you don’t want to take photos
  16. Don’t use more than 1 camera, 1 lens, for the entire year
  17. Don’t make excuses about your photography; start making photos
  18. Make at least $1000 with your photography (professional gig, teaching a workshop, giving some photography consulting)
  19. Start a photography YouTube channel
  20. Go on one photography road trip
  21. Photograph your loved one for a year (start your own #cindyproject)
  22. Start your own photography blog
  23. Teach a photography workshop
  24. Purge all your gear, and start your photography over again from scratch.
  25. Delete all your photos from social media, and restart your feed.

I always love the new year— it is a chance for us to get rid of our past baggage, and start on a new foot.

Let us refresh ourselves, replenish our creative supplies, and become the best versions of ourselves this year.


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