Make Photos to Delight Your Soul

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‘Poetry, created and invented for the delight of our souls, if it comes ever so little of the summit, sinks to the bottom.’ – Horace

Do your photos delight your own soul?

1. How do your photos make you feel?

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When you look at your photos, do you feel excited? Elated? Joyful?

When you’re out making photos, do you feel in the zone? Do you feel fully-creative?

Do you feel tranquil, peaceful, and calm?

2. Photography is an inner-competition

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Remember, photography isn’t a competition— to see who gets more likes or followers. Photograph is an inner-pursuit, an inner-battle. A battle for us to better appreciate the beauty around us.

Photography should be self-expression of our soul. When we make photos, we share our special perspective with others.

Be personable. Make your photos personal. Put emotions into your photos. Photograph what you’d be afraid of sharing with others. Make photos with your soul, and embed your emotions into the images you capture.

Photograph your own moods. When you feel sad or depressed, go out and photograph that. If you’re feeling elated about life, photograph what makes you happy.

3. Photography is self-therapy

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Ultimately, I see photography as self-therapy. For me, all art is about finding inner-confidence, and about expressing your inner-spirit.

So don’t let anybody hold you down. Especially yourself.

Be strong,

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