How to Capture Depth of Soul in Your Photography

Hue, 2017 #cindyproject

Dear friend,

Many of us are obsessed with “depth of field” in photography. But how few of us consider trying to capture “depth of soul” in our photography?

Do your photos show your soul?

Who cares if you take a photograph that is sharp, high resolution, and with nice depth of field? If your photos don’t reveal your soul, and who you are as a human being, it is easily forgettable.

One day you will die, and one of the things you will leave behind are your photos.

Will someone in the future be able to look at your photos, and see your unique personality? Your unique vision of the world?

How do you see things in the world differently from others? What are you trying to say through your photos? Are your photos one of a kind, or just replicas of what has already been captured before?

To show your soul through your photos, shoot with your soul. Photograph what feels emotional to you.

When you take a photo of a stranger, do you show empathy and understanding with them? Or do your photos feel distant and far?

Does your photography give you an opportunity to connect deeper with the world around you, or does it distance you from the world?

I feel that photography isn’t about making images, but making connections with our fellow human beings.

Listen to your heart when you’re making photos. Only photograph what compels you to do so. You don’t need to photograph everything that moves. You don’t need to photograph everyday.

But don’t copy other photographers, as their soul is different than yours.

Shoot yourself.


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