Avoid Fastening Burdens to Your Back

Stockholm, 2015 eric kim street photography
Stockholm, 2015

Unfortunately, there is a lot of necessary work we need to do in life in order to stay alive.

We need to put in the 9-5 to pay the rent. We need to fulfill (some) family and social obligations. We need to pay the bills.

But there are a lot of unnecessary burdens we add to our backs.

For example, do you really need to install your work email to your personal smartphone? Do you really need to answer work emails, when you’re at home, when you can be spending time with your family, partner, or kids?

Do you really need to say “yes” to that office party, when you might prefer to stay at home, read a book, or meet some other friends?

Do you really need to start another business, in order to make more money? Is having extra money going to really make you happier, or add more stress and complication to your life?

My simple suggestion: do the tasks which are required of you. Do what is necessary.

But to the best of your ability, avoid adding unnecessary burdens or obligations to your life, whenever possible.


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